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Only the highest quality materials can achieve the real beauty for which Bea Schriver Florals has become known. Our permanent botanicals possess vivid colors, exquisite details and lifelike appearance.

Flowers Greenery Fruits
Trees Flowering Plants Branches
Topiaries Wreaths Foliage

Until you touch our designs, you will be convinced that they are made with fresh cut flowers and organic elements. In a side-by-side comparison, it is hard to tell which is real.

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Most of the permanent florals used by Bea Schriver Florals are made from exceptional silks, satins, cotton, and blends. We also love the delicacy of real blooms like roses and hydrangea that have been injected and preserved with organic glycerin. And dried flowers like larkspur and yarrow are fabulous for adding a country touch.

Once you have a Bea Schriver creation, it will last for years, but there are more reasons we love -- and you will love -- permanent botanicals.

Minimal maintenance
A quick once-over with a feather duster or hair dryer on “no heat” setting keeps your arrangement clean. There’s no water to change, stems to trim, leaves or petals to pick up.

Perfect for Busy People and Frequent Travelers
Why deprive yourself of the real splendor of “fresh-from-the-garden” arrangements because of your schedule? You can surround yourself with real beauty every day.

Allergy-free, Pest-free
No irritants, no bothersome mites – only lush, beautiful botanicals that enhance your environment.

Every Bea Schriver Floral comes with a care ticket containing simple instructions. We also offer Professional Maintenance to clean and refresh your arrangements and keep them looking lovely.

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