Bea Schriver Silk Florals

Custom arrangements, centerpieces, trees and topiaries bring a room to life and create a feeling of completion, elegance, and luxury.

  • Entry Hall
  • Kitchen
  • Dining Room
  • Mantel
  • Side Table
  • Bedroom
  • Powder Room
  • Wall Niche
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Flowers and greenery add real beauty to any home.
Permanent botanicals from Bea Schriver Florals add a real luxurious accent to any room, any environment. Our starting point is color. Unlike readymade accessories, Bea Schriver Florals are custom designed to match a room’s palette. Careful consideration is then given to style, size, lighting, and how the space is used.

Containers can come from your collection or we can find the perfect bowl, vase, or basket. Unique touches such as fruits, vegetables, and mosses can be added to enhance texture and dimension. Applying our artistry to your vision, we can create dramatic effects through bold color combinations or design softer and more natural compositions. With permanent botanicals, there’s no limit to the imagination.

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"We love the arrangements. We are getting great enjoyment out of them so thank you! You are always very professional and fun to work with.“

Jodi Berman Felton, business executive and homeowner

“I treasure my original Bea Schriver arrangements. One-- an intoxicating arrangement of deep red roses in a vintage vase -- is for my own private joy beautifying a room set aside just for me. The other is for our guests -- a bouquet of lavender colored hydrangeas set in a rectangular glass vase with green moss -- soothing, inviting and letting them know how special they are.”

-Jane Pollak, nationally recognized artist, author, and coach

"Bea is always very professional and a pleasure to work with. I am so pleased with the silk arrangements she created for my dining room, parlor, and foyer. I would highly recommend Bea Schriver Florals."

-Annette O'Brien, Homeowner


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